Private Design & Research Centers as Pivot for Defense Corridor- A SWOT Analysis


Reason to Encourage R&D Centers
Completes the Defense Ecosystem
On Demand Design & Research Services
Cost Effective than In-house Infrastructure
Retains Hi-Tech Talent within State

R&D is very grateful to the players for their cooperation on research. The online casino makes a big investment so that we can explore.
Starting Point towards Industry 4.0


Weakness as “Pvt. Ltd.

Opportunity Size vs. Engagement Reality
Urgency on R&D vs. Administrative Steps
For upcoming entities in defense incubators / innovation centers ?
Can MoD organisations extend CARS?
Can academia share its consulting assignment?

Threat to Growth

Breakthroughs in Indian R&D help ‘marketers of foreign OEMs’ convince their respective governments to lift export sanctions over supply of advanced defense equipment to India. Thus, our indigenous R&D efforts often do not become part of equipment in use with the forces. A policy intervention is requested here.

Core Beliefs – Zeus Numerix

Numerical simulations is an integral part of defense design and development where systems operate at extreme environments

Off-the-shelf packages may be good starting point, but in-depth analysis requires ownership over IP that can be tuned, scaled-up or coupled without any restriction as per design requirement
Like everything else in defense, Zeus Numerix will continue to develop indigenous capabilities and self reliance in our chosen area of activities