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Zeus Numerix article in IDI magazine on UAVs


“When we speak of drones, images of a quadrotor quickly pop up in our minds. The last decade has especially seen the popularity of the drones soar significantly once they started being used for hobby flying. Not only have they been used for aerial cinematography in films, TV series, etc., but they also have started appearing in pop culture (Big Bang Theory, Silicon Valley in the US, and a number of Hindi and even Marathi serials in India). But ask anyone when the drone was made and you’ll get responses varying anywhere from 1995 to WW2 to WW1. Not many know that the first (attempted) use of drones was in 1849 when Austria attacked Venice with explosive-laden balloons. Like so many other applications, the drone was also a byproduct of military innovations. Subsequent developments in technology brought it to the level it is at today.” — An excerpt from the article To read the full article visit IDI Magazine site: