Zeus Numerix is proud to announce the renewal of its CEMILAC Certification with effect from January, 2015. The initial two years of certification were hectic where Zeus was engaged in certification studies for some of the most challenging projects.

Company established itself firmly in the field of certification of missile and aircraft integration, trajectory of land based and naval rocket, design of muzzle brake of artillery guns, integration of sensors in aircraft and many more. The team proved itself by upgrading its R&D to the task. Most of the work can be seen at case studies

Zeus Numerix’s Design Approval Certification from CEMILAC, renewed in 2015

Renewal showcases the commitment of Zeus in the area of defence design and also the faith DRDO has put in us. We are happy to note that apart from Government Labs, many private defence industry players are also using services of Zeus for clearing preliminary and critical design reviews of their systems.