Uniqueness of Zeus that differentiates it, is the knowledge in simulation product development, use of commercial software and knowledge of various technology disciplines required for design. Due to our varied experience ZN services its customers in 5 areas

Engineering Services – Zeus offers wide range of services covering whole gamut of value chain. Services ranging from concept design to analysis, drafting and detailing allows customer defined interaction. More serious interaction can be planned by setting up technology center or onsite engagements.

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization – Simple services are complimented by optimization services both for products on the design board and for design changes. Zeus has developed Genetic algorithm based optimizers for shape optimization studies. Design of experiments can also be mutually defined for optimization

Customized CAE Software – Off the shelf products are inefficient as they are based on the maxim one size fits all. Zeus provides services where the products are customized such that the time for execution is reduced from days to hours and minutes. Customization reduces learning curve and enhances managerial control as software speaks industry jargon.

Engineering Software Development – Not all physical phenomena are covered by existing software and hence the need for new software development. ZN involves in the development from literature survey to delivery of product and validation.

Training and Workshops – Customer engineers require continuous upgradation of skill and managers require to update themselves on the latest technologies. Zeus organises workshops to initiate or update participants in simulation technologies. Workshops are also a gathering point of engineers sharing experiences.

As a service provider, Zeus aims at having a flexible engagement model with customers. Our offerings span from high end concept design services to analysis and drafting services. This allows us to interact at various levels as per customer requirements. Please see our portfolio (PDF) for more information.