Zeus Numerix (ZN) inspires all its members to excel, innovate and lead. A ZN member has to explore unconventional options and opportunities to solve difficult engineering problems. The solution he or she obtains has to ultimately benefit ZN’s customer.

Such an arduous pursuit is highly facilitated since ZN has a completely informal work atmosphere of fun, excitement, camaraderie and bon-homie. Besides, ZN has virtually no hierarchy, no boss or bossism. Therefore, Zeusians freely express ideas, opinion and feelings. This is what spawns the creative urge in a ZN member to overcome the technical challenge.

Almost all activities of ZN are pursued in a project mode. The constant pressure on each Zeusian to complete the project on time is relieved due to the work atmosphere at ZN wherein, each Zeusian extends unstinted help to the other.

Equally important, a Technical Review is held every week to guide and motivate the Project Leader and Team Members. In addition, they are fully empowered to overcome the technical hurdles and complete the project assignment on time.

Even the small spark of originality and creativity of the individual and team identified as a result of the Technical Review, is given publicity across ZN and is celebrated and rewarded.

At ZN, the supply of Deliverables to a Customer, is monitored and evaluated every week – to target more than what is committed to the customer; and before it is due.

ZN urges its members to: innovate to create customer value; outperform competition with integrity; and play to win.

If you are interested in joining us then please mail your resume to careers@zeusnumerix.com and we’ll get back to you at the earliest. If you have any queries, you may mail us about it or call +91 20 6473 9965.

Current Openings

We are currently looking for:

Engineers with B.Tech (Aerospace) degrees + 3 years work experience or M.Tech (Aerospace) + 1 year work experience. Key skills we are looking for are Visual Basic, C++, Microsoft Excel and Python. They should be willing to relocate.

Engineers with B.Tech (Computer Science) degrees with 0 to 1 year work experience, sound programming fundamentals with an excellent command over the C++ language and good oral and written communication skills.

Key skills needed are knowkedge and experience of GNU/Linux, C/C++, build tools, source documentation.

Additionaly knowledge of UML, SVN, Qt, databases, basic electronics, computer graphics, computer hardware, microcontrollers are nice to have.

Candidates shall have ‘on-job training’ and must be willing to learn/program using additional programming languages.

A desire for problem solving and a passion for designing and building quality software is a must. Successful candidates shall have excellent opportunities to work on a wide array of technologies for equally interesting application areas.

Must be willing to relocate.