Zeus started in 2004 and the very first software we developed was ZNTutor-CFD™. Being from IIT Bombay, the team of Professors helped us develop an extremely versatile pedagogic tool. Most of the schemes and examples taught in basic CFD course are practically demonstrated in Tutor.

Tutor became the stepping stone to launching in real world 3D CFD. It made the beginner learn about various schemes, 1D wave equation, steady and unsteady solution to shock wave problem, time stepping, CFL, unstructured and structured meshes. The program is in two modes – Wizard mode that enables to solve the pre-set problems and Expert mode where the learner can set up his own problem and solve. The learner is taken through all the steps of CFD like geometry generation, meshing, clustering, application of boundary conditions, solution set-up and visualization. Examples included are from basic fluid mechanics books such as forward facing step, suddenly expanding and contracting flow, converging-diverging nozzle, flow in T-junction etc.

We are celebrating our 12th birthday and next year we would be a teenager. To share the happiness we are making our very first software for learning as freeware. Please download and install from the link below. We are not collecting any personal information before download, so freely download, enjoy and share with friends.