Zeus is famous for its scalable simulation tools and also holds the distinction of solving the largest mesh size in India at 4.2 billion. Many of these problems require large computing resources. Zeusians also have a great zeal for innovation in everything so they took upon the task of designing a lean and functional high performance computing system that also looks great.

The result, a 56 core, 112 GB RAM parallel machine (seen in the image below). The chassis was designed in-house with an aim of easy maintenance and maximising the number of nodes into the package. Thus the PCZ-1600 chassis holds 7 micro-ATX mainboards in a space of 88 cm x 58 cm x 40 cm.

Cooling arrangements were optimised and adequate number of high quality fans provided to ensure long life of the system.

ZN’s Computing System Christened – PCZ-1600.

Benefits of ZN’s system

  • Low cost – half* the capital cost of a comparable system.
  • Compact stackable design that is easy to maintain.
  • Multiple PCZ-1600 modules can be tied together to create larger clusters.
  • A single power cable and a single LAN cable needed to operationalise a module.

*As per our estimates from field.