Simulation being generated wholly by computer causes the user to think in extremities. It is not rare to encounter users of three types, one totally dismissing the simulations as colorful pictures, the other thinking it as a panacea and the third who blindly use it. Considering these diverse views it is all the more essential that users are trained by experts.

Since simulations are growing more and more complex there is an urgent need of not only for software validation but also of the user. Many companies have internal programs for training the user. At Zeus, like eminent scientists, we feel that not only should the user be validated but the recipient of simulation results should also be properly trained to make use of the study. Please refer to lecture by Dr Edward Tinoco, Boeing.

Participant group photo in ZN's CFD workshop

Participant group photo in ZN’s CFD workshop

Apart from its product development activities, ZN routinely organizes workshops in various sciences of simulations. In its usual format the participant is given theory lectures by IIT Professors in the morning session and problem solving afternoon sessions by experienced Zeus engineers related to the theory taught. ZN has trained more than 1000 engineers and scientists in its workshops in the fields of CFD, Electromagnetics, Dynamics and Controls, Corrosion, Marine CAE, Chemical CFD etc.

Please download a partial list of workshops conducted.