Global optimization in many cases is an overkill of resources and consumes lot of time. Design of experiment (DoE) however assumes an approach where a systematic study of variation of parameters defining the system is carried out to establish the trend. These set of simulations establish the performance w.r.t. various parameters. The best design is chosen based on the knowledge gained from the matrix of simulations.

ZN has experts in various areas from valves, pumps to aircrafts who are able to distinguish between parameters that affect the design most and those are then studied in detail. Domain expertise reduces the number of parameters to be studied in the DoE approach.

Scramjet Engine with 44 defining parameters

ZN designed a special DoE software for the simulation of a scramjet engine intake. The software could define the intake using 44 parameters that affected the flow. Grid is generated automatically for the same and the users carry out the DoE approach to systematically study the effect of various parameters on the design.