The codes written by academicians or research labs are very accurate but are not popular due to lack of user friendliness both in terms of user interface and manual / tutorials. Hence the proliferation of these codes into solving of industrial problems other than the author of code himself is limited. Absence of UI and user manual also causes the managers to not appreciate the work. The code author himself is not able to do UI work himself due to lack of interest and expertise.

ZN has varied experience in developing user interface for its own software. These UI’s have been commented by various customers and users in workshops and conferences. This has enabled ZN to understand the user psyche. ZN therefore offers services where UI of an existing code can be made along with the user manual and tutorials. ZN can also help in implementation of licensing and code porting to various operating systems.

UI for visualization software

ZN has already developed UI for its software CFDExpert�, CEMExpert™, DynamicsExpert™, FanZ™ etc and has worked on customer project where an old legacy code was converted to modern language and then UI was made for the same. Code was also made parallel and comprehensive user manual and tutorials were written for the ease of novice users. This lead to heavy use of code by new engineers for design and development activity and reduced the costs to organization in buying off the shelf codes.