Most of the products are interdisciplinary in nature and cannot be designed by various types of analysis alone. Systems engineer is responsible for striking the balance and making decisions and tradeoffs between various functionalities. Most of the analysis projects have limited bounds and if the internal systems engineer is not careful the study may not yield meaningful results. Though more complex to outsource, a system design project utilizes the capabilities of in-house engineers and vendor engineers to arrive at a product faster and better.

ZN due to its varied capabilities in analysis and presence of domain experts is able to provide full systems services to its customers. The services include preliminary analysis, causes of failure or under performance, design changes and effect of those changes on other functionalities. The same are repeated for new designs also. Some Customers also demand design guarantees and this makes ZN unique as take full design responsibility.

CFD of RAMJET Intake and system design chart

Systems project that we have completed include a complete RAMJET engine design software, design and manufacturing support for supersonic ground vehicle, naval arrester system, landing gear of UAV, noise optimization tool for high lift wings etc. ZN partners with its customers in development of either the systems simulation product or actual product and in one case for space boom, even prototype. Presence of faculty from reputed Indian institutes like IITs and retired scientists makes the project faster.