Post flight analysis is carried out using the telemetry data and videos. The video footages provide a good understanding of the path followed by the aerial object and if any deviations were observed w.r.t. predictions. Further to visual inspection images can be processed to get relevant data like location, attitude, altitude etc. Since the data comes from actual visuals it can be treated as experimental data for the comparison with analysis and improvement of algorithms.

Images from the high speed camera were taken as an input. The data from these is error prone due to distortions from lens aberration, CCD/CMOS noise, lossy image compression algorithm. Zeus has developed algorithms where these errors are taken care of by Camera Calibration, Lens distortion, shooting setup, image processing and kalman filter (specifically for dynamics equation). Though mainly involved in specialized services ZN also delivers custom made products for particular applications in this area.

Tip off from a spinning rocket

ZN has utilized this capability in prediction of tip-off for a projectile. The high speed images were processed to remove the background and then measure the angle of the projectile w.r.t. the axis of the launcher. The angle changed within less than a degree but that was also calculated by the image processing code. The data was confirmed from the field trials and matched well. Software has been provided to customer. The software after validation, removes the need for expensive testing equipment.

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