In simulations most of the time is consumed in geometry modeling and arriving up to the surface mesh from where the process becomes more or less automatic. This many times is due to very heavy CAD with gaps or because of unavailability of CAD with only parameters known. In most cases the geometric modeling time has been as good as half of the project time due to complexity of geometry. Manual intervention makes this process slow and boring.

ZN tries to address this problem in multiple ways. ZN has developed a geometric modeler where geometries can be made quickly from paper drawings. The geometric modeler being aligned towards making of surface mesh has many functions to increase/decrease surface points, cluster them etc. The end result is a watertight surface that can directly be used as a surface mesh. In other cases ZN customizes the geometric modeler to produce surface meshes automatically. Geometry is parameterized and then customer can fill set of forms to get surface mesh/ volume mesh. ZN also has a separate grid generation team and regularly takes services where CAD files are converted to structured multi-block or unstructured meshes. Our experience in simulations helps us make perfect grid the first time itself.

Rendered view of earth station antenna.

ZN has automated the generation of surface mesh for winglet of a civil aircraft, blades of a turbine, fins of a missile etc. The grid generation team has made extremely complex meshes e.g. structured mesh on a fighter aircraft with missiles, unstructured mesh on an electrostatic precipitator, Cartesian mesh on India’s tallest building and a record 4.2 billion mesh points on a generic missile shape. Meshing services are provided for CFD, structural, Electromagnetics and other domains requiring surface and volume meshes.