The cost of energy is going up continuously, affecting the economy of systems. Simultaneously the requirements for operations are becoming harsher and the expected performance standards are being raised. This calls for newer designs to meet newer and increasingly tough requirements. For any new design to be attempted it is helpful to know what the previous one was capable of and what are the areas where improvements can happen readily. ZN’s performance prediction services (analysis services) guarantee customers of accurate performance prediction that will help engineers fine tune a design.

ZN has experience in performance prediction of various systems and sub-systems ranging from aerospace, where ZN has predicted the heat flux on a launch vehicle, structural integrity of a marine crane, electromagnetics of a UAV, dynamics and controls of missiles and of electrostatic precipitators at power plants. Besides just performance prediction, ZN has also performed studies to ensure safety like fire and smoke in India’s tallest building, separation of store from an aircraft, effect of blockages in a nuclear reactor core etc.

Smoke emanating from Palais Royale (India’s tallest residential building)

ZN’s analysis has mostly been able to pinpoint the areas where improvements can be made to existing designs. In the case of a compressor design, armed with the performance results of an existing design, ZN was able to decrease the material requirements and weight by 30% resulting in huge savings and better handling.

In another case, predictions reconciled the range and altitude of fire and forget rockets as observed on the field. Routine performance prediction exercises for the power industry has resulted in reduction of pressure losses.

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