In many cases, the customer, due to reasons of confidentiality or for the sake of absorption of knowledge, require the development or analysis work to happen at their premises. In many cases the work requires high-end expertise that cannot be sourced easily and building a team for the same is not feasible as the work may be one-off. In such cases it is required that vendor staff be posted at customer premises to get the work done. This model is widely prevalent in the engineering services industry.

ZN has manpower that boasts of education from India’s premier institutes and experience of working on over one hundred different design and innovation projects. In cases where the customer wishes the work to happen at their premises, ZN can temporarily position its engineers at customers offices. The engagement model can be flexible where the customer can enter into a rate contract with ZN or it could be an engagement for completion of a project. Since ZN has manpower with diverse capabilities even multi-disciplinary projects can be handled with ease. In some cases even our CEMILAC certified designers can work on-site to develop designs or certify them.

RCS of a generic missile and comparison

In the past, ZN has worked on the development of an electromagnetics software at a customer’s premises where the task involved porting legacy software to a modern language and parallelizing of this code for faster turnaround time. ZN engineers also developed a GUI and user manual so that customer engineers could interact with the software with ease. The project required capabilities in electromagnetics, computer programming, parallelization, user interface development and documentation. This and other such multi-disciplinary services have resulted in substantial gains to customers in terms of saving in cost and reduction in design/analysis time.