CAD Cleaning and meshing are the most time consuming activities in any analysis. In case of extremely mesh-sensitive simulations such as flow past an automobile or aircraft, stress at sharp corners or high frequency simulations for electromagnetics, a good mesh decides the accuracy of the results to a large extent. Quite often, the mesh generation engineer may not be well versed with the physics of the problem thereby the mesh produced by the engineer may not be suitable to the application at hand.

ZN has proven expertise in simulation of high and low speed flows, rotating machinery flows, finite element of heavy machinery to small electronic components and electromagnetics analysis using various schemes. In case the customer can provide the problem definition, grids can be made compatible to the relevant physics. The mesh by default is made in ISO Standard CGNS format readable by most commercial solvers. Before delivery of meshes, quality parameters such as skewness, smoothness and aspect ratios are checked and corrected.

Partial view of structured mesh of 120 blade gas turbine

Partial view of structured mesh of 120 blade gas turbine

ZN’s expertise in structured multi-block meshes and unstructured meshes has been demonstrated in various projects such as mesh generation for a launch vehicle where distance of first point from the wall was 1 micron, structured mesh generation for a fighter aircraft with close combat missiles, unstructured mesh for a UAV, 4 billion cell mesh on a missile geometry for electromagnetics etc. Few customers have also been serviced by providing them with meshes in native solver formats.

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