Critical systems in the aerospace, nuclear, power industry and in high rise buildings are designed for maximum safety to prevent any untoward incidents. Since the stakes are high, usually the authorities demand that an independent design agency certify the design for its efficacy. This requirement is the most stringent for Airborne systems. The independent design agency entrusted to certify the designs should also be certified by regulatory agencies for carrying out such studies. Certification studies also apply to foreign vendors trying to sell equipment in India or doing localization of the systems to suit Indian conditions.

Zeus Numerix is a “Design Approved” company certified by CEMILAC (Govt. of India). ZN can design or certify designs for airborne applications in mainly four areas as given below along with allied areas:

  1. Aerodynamics
  2. Structural Systems and Sub-systems
  3. Electromagnetics (Stealth)
  4. Dynamics and Controls

Separation of flow near missile nose and design change

ZN’s services have helped customers install sensors on aircrafts, attach pods and stores to aircrafts, change shapes of missiles for better performance. On the design side of things, ZN has designed a supersonic ground vehicle, landing gear for a UAV, a naval arrester system, space booms etc. ZN has eight engineers who are authorized to certify designs in the areas mentioned above and allied areas like armor piercing, image processing, detailing and drawings etc.

Please see our certificate here (PDF).