In order to reduce cost and increase efficiency, many customers employ engineers at various geographical locations. In most cases the partner is not a subsidiary company. To keep the continuity of work processes and knowledge intact, the customer should have leverage on the partner for exclusivity of the team performing its functions.

At ZN we are able to segregate a group’s activity from the rest of the company and establish a Dedicated Technology Center (DTC) for customers. The centre may be defined by technology or a product on which the customer wishes to get its work done. ZN has laid out well defined processes where DTC can be physically segregated and its IP stored securely without access to other employees. Leader of the DTC reports directly to the customer and has seamless communication. Progress is reported daily via emails and a weekly call can be arranged as per customer convenience.

CFDExpert-Missile developed

ZN has set-up a DTC for design and development of missiles and has also produced customized software for aerodynamic and dynamic analysis of missiles. Partnering in the form of a DTC ensures that the customer has protection of IP and work progresses on seamlessly at different locations. Establishing a DTC in India also gives cost arbitrage that positively reflects in the bottom line of the customer. In some cases where in-house expertise is not available DTCs can complement customer’s engineering team.