The most difficult part in any design is to zero in on to a concept. Analysis tools work for the betterment of the concept but as such, cannot produce a concept. Concept design requires domain expertise, expertise in design from first principle and engineering experience.

Zeus has completed various design projects ranging from hypersonic vehicles, aircrafts to ducts, ventilation systems and marine objects. ZN is thus a CEMILAC (Govt. of India) certified company for design in four areas:

  1. Aerodynamics (Hydrodynamics)
  2. Structural Systems and sub-systems
  3. Electromagnetics (Stealth etc.)
  4. Dynamics and Control

Zeus has manpower that has an accumulated experience of over 70 years of in design. In addition to the in-house manpower, Zeus has access to faculty from various IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) for design and engineering in various areas. Zeus also has a small team working on the development of tools for concept design purposes. These tools are usually very fast to work with and provide GO – NO GO scenarios to the designer, thereby allowing them to make conscious decisions on which concepts to develop further.

Landing gear designed by Zeus

The right combination of technical manpower and numerical tools has resulted in some interesting projects like concept design of a wankel engine, concept design of UAV landing gear, concept design upto manufacturing of a supersonic ground vehicle, design of space booms, ventilation system for high rise buildings etc.