Design offices regularly change designs but accurate transfer of the design idea to the manufacturing engineers is a critical task. The transfer can be mired with problem due to two reasons 1) Incorrect understanding of the design and 2) Minor changes to the design due to manufacturing feasibility and related issues. It has been observed that this process can become a bottleneck in realizing the product and whether minor changes done by manufacturer affects the design philosophy remains to be seen.

When ZN is tasked with the complete or partial design for complex systems or some analysis work, ZN usually carries out 2-D drafting and detailing jobs for those systems. ZN brings in its design expertise to unambiguously convey the design philosophy to the manufacturing partner. In case the design requires minor changes ZN is able to inform the manufacturer if the changes are really minor or will affect the performance of the design. In case it does, alternatives are suggested to workaround manufacturing difficulties.

Drawing of a dryer machine after stress analysis

ZN has partnered with many large companies for manufacturing to cater to customers who need turnkey solutions with respect to the designs. ZN has helped in manufacturing of rocket pods by providing alternate drawings, supersonic ground vehicle, opening mechanism in space, high quality spheres for upper atmosphere measurements etc. Since ZN takes the responsibility of drawings and sometimes even for manufacturing, the customer gets end product that is ready to be tested.