Traditionally designs happened in separate groups. Hence we would often see department of Aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, dynamics and control, electromagnetics etc. With the designs becoming more complex and interdisciplinary it is required that all the aspects are considered ab initio at the concept stage itself. Hence it is required that at least software systems provide an integrated simulation platform so that concepts can be selected and rejected faster.

ZN’s philosophy of “Design at One Place” has lead us to make simulation platforms in most areas design and integrate them. Use of ISO standard CGNS files has helped in this endeavor making our solutions interoperable with open source and commercial software systems. This gives flexibility to the customer to use our software either in isolation or in various combinations of entry and exit points. The designs are simultaneously (or sometimes serially) checked for various considerations as mentioned above.

CFD and Stress Analysis result on a spinning rocket

ZN’s customized software CFDExpert-Missile automatically generates different spinning rocket configurations and the generated CFD data and then directly transferred to structural module for finding out the integrity and in parallel executes the dynamics code estimation of trajectory. The same mesh with some modifications is used to find the RCS of the rocket. This simultaneous working and helps arriving at newer concepts faster and enhances team engagements. Similar integrated approach has been tried on submarine hydrodynamics and RCS, supersonic ground vehicle design, arrester design etc.

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