Power plants have various systems that need performance improvement for unhindered operations and profitability. These include ESP, duct systems, Air-preheater, design of guide vanes/diverter plates, cooling tower fan design etc. Any improvement in the performance of these systems leads to large savings. ZN provides services for fluid dynamic and structural design of the system.

ZN services in power sector includes:

  1. Flue gas path analysis
  2. Performance estimation and design optimization of cooling tower
  3. ESP CFD Analysis and design
  4. Bag filter analysis
  5. Flow uniformity due to presence of fans
  6. Cold Air Velocity Test Report (CAVT) generation
  7. Dust settlement analysis
Dust settlement simulaion

Dust settlement simulaion

ZN has worked on live projects of its customers where there have been requirement of performance guarantees in the system. ZN simulated flow inside an ESP with the connecting ducts and estimated the places where the velocity will become zero leading to dust particle settlement. Guide vanes were designed to reduce the pressure drop. ZN has also simulated the bag filter with geometries of whole bag nest calculating the effect of bag filters on the flow and pressure drop. ZN has developed software (FanZ™) for design of cooling tower fans that can design a fan within minutes (or find various off design parameters) outputting the DXF file for manufacturing.

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