Nuclear projects have a lot of focus on safety as that is the most important concern. The safety aspects start from the core where heating takes place and there is a need to carry away that heat to keep the temperature rise below certain level. Other aspects include trapped gases, structural integrity and some exotic problems like flow of plasma, magneto-hydrodynamics, electron beam simulations etc.

ZN has performed simulations for nuclear industry for various cases including:

  1. Thermal hydraulics of fuel sub-assemblies of nuclear reactor
  2. Cellular convection of inert gas on reactor roof top
  3. Thermal and magneto-hydrodynamic analysis of thermonuclear reactor
  4. Pre-processing for Electron beam module
  5. Characterization of blockages for fuel pin bundle

Location of hot-spots on nuclear fuel pin bundle

For thermal hydraulics of fast breeder reactor, ZN performed a simulation of flow of liquid metal through complex inside geometry of nuclear reactor. In total 217 fuel pins were modeled when most simulation cater to at most 1/6th part of the geometry. This simulation was a record in known literature and asymmetry in flow justified the investment in full simulation and proved to be beneficial for the design. The simulations were extended to “what if” scenarios to find out the safety margin in case blockages happen. ZN has also taken various other services for providing pre/post processing support for specialized software and even GUI development.

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