Most of the studies in these two sectors focus either on the reduction of energy consumption for the same performance or safety. Here again Zeus has focused on all the areas of services including fluid dynamics, structural design and systems engineering. On the power side Zeus has specialized offerings in design of wind turbines, large fans and propellers.

Typical services that ZN has undertaken includes

  1. Flow inside an electrostatic precipitator or bag filters
  2. Optimization of duct paths for reduction in pressure loss
  3. CAVT report for boilers
  4. Thermal hydraulics in nuclear reactor with flowing liquid metal
  5. Cellular convection in reactor roof-top
  6. Thermal and magneto-hydrodynamic analysis of Thermo-nuclear reactor
  7. Safety studies in the event of blockages
  8. Cooling tower fan aerodynamic design and structural design for metal and composites

Please visit the case studies section to know more about related work ZN has carried out in the past.

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