ZN has broadly categorized industrial projects that involve Automobiles, products with structural design considerations, heat transfer considerations, software development for specific products etc. In all these domains, simulations save considerable cost. Automotive aerodynamics causes lesser vehicles to be physically tested, casting heat transfer ensures safety, structural and weight reduction studies are routinely carried out in most industrial scenarios.

A brief of projects completed by ZN is given below:

  1. External and internal aerodynamics of Automobiles
  2. Structural design of retractable mechanism
  3. Structural analysis of solar collector dish
  4. Simulation of induction heating furnace
  5. Heat transfer optimization of casting
  6. 3D visualization tool for metal casting analysis
  7. Thermal sink design
  8. Vibration analysis of Auxiliary converter as per design code

Streamlines on an Automobile

ZN has simulated external aerodynamics of automobiles and compared the data with experiments conducted in the US. Solver is able to predict even the contra-rotating vortices downstream of the vehicle. In yet another case ZN solved the problem of dust ingress in an SUV. Solution was suggested to prevent the problem. ZN has structural analysis capability and has been able to design systems going in space to simple mechanisms.