Most of the simulations in heavy machinery domain are structural in nature. Reduction of weight without compromising the safety is main design consideration. Costs involved are often very high and experimentation before installation is not easy. Simulations are mainly performed to check the effect of external loads, loads in operation and self weight. In other cases the analysis may involve custom development of simulation software for predicting the system dynamics.

A glimpse of work done by ZN:

  1. Pressure vessels
  2. Marine crane
  3. Marine deck
  4. Analysis of orbital motors for wear prediction
  5. Value engineering for compressor
Pressure vessel designed using ASME code

Pressure vessel designed using ASME code

In a project from Netherlands the marine crane and deck was designed using BV codes followed by a confirmation of stress analysis. The designs had some weak points due to stress concentration and the same was addressed. For a customer value engineering of a compressor was performed where the whole system was analyzed for weight considerations. ZN was successful in reducing the weight by 30% without degrading the performance, resulting in significant cost savings.

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