We have broadly categorized fluid machinery as components like pumps, valves, nozzles etc. These items in most cases may be low value items made in large volumes. Design changes that can prove required performance or improve it leads to lot of savings and increases competitiveness. These problems are usually related to flow calibration, thermal effects, structural analysis for given loading etc.

ZN has expertise in:

  1. Pressure drop estimation of control valve
  2. Structural analysis of control valve
  3. Thermal strains, vibration analysis in valve and design using Design of Experiment approach
  4. Performance prediction of marine propeller
  5. CFD of nozzles, including underwater nozzles
  6. Pump sump analysis, ducting etc
  7. Development of custom simulation tool for condensate pump

CFD and FEM of a control valve

ZN designed a control valve based on Design of experiment approach. High pressure valve with hot fluid was to be designed. Flow analysis was done to reduce the pressure drop and to find the pressure and temperature distribution on the surface. Resulting data was used in FEM analysis and ASME guidelines for high pressure vessels were used to complete the design.

ZN has also developed custom simulation tools for condensate pump with steam as a fluid. This was a system level mathematical model represening the physics during valve and port opening operations for the whole pump cycle. This mathematical understanding reduced the number of experiments to be done for the system.

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