Introduction to CFD can be daunting due the fact that the mathematics is complex, often the underlying physics is complex and most of the generic software are designed for professional engineers. Starting the beginners on commercial CFD software makes the learning curve more difficult and shifts the focus of the student or graduate trainee engineer to learning the software rather than learning the underlying principles.

ZN started from IIT Bombay and had lot of chance to interact with students and understand the difficulty. The feedback from various students who interned with ZN led to the development of new pedagogical software ZNTutor-CFD™. The software is aimed at training new comers in CFD and its various facets. The software has many standard textbook problems in the wizard mode to get solutions by simple clicks. The software has interactive mode too for defining own CFD problems increasing the level of difficulty.

Solution of CD Nozzle in Wizard mode (six click solution).

Software has been designed to be only 2 dimensional for ease of use. Both structured and unstructured mesh capability has been included in the software. In the interactive mode basic functions like geometry creation, grid generation, its various parameters and setting of solver parameters is to be done by user. Basic post-processing module is also given to analyze results. Software being end-to-end gives the beginner comprehensive understanding of CFD and also frees up the expensive software licenses while learning.

White paper on pedagogical CFD can be found here.