Unmanned systems are gaining prominence due to the advantages of endurance and cost. Unique challenges faced in the designs of such systems are due to Aerodynamic considerations, controls that is mostly remote and weight constraints. Focus is also on the conversion of these systems from being traditional reconnaissance platform to becoming weapon platforms.

ZN covers a whole range of services for the design and development of unmanned systems. ZN has previously worked

  1. Conceptual design up to manufacturing drawings
  2. Aerodynamic design and shape optimization
  3. Structural design of subsystems
  4. Stealth design
  5. Material characterization for enhancing stealth properties

Being a CEMILAC certified company ZN can certify these systems.

RCS of a UAV in optical region

ZN worked on the aerodynamics of a miniaturized vehicle and the data ZN generated matched within 0.4% with the wind tunnel for lift. The landing gear design project undertaken for UAV started from concept design up to manufacturing drawings. A lot of contribution has been made in the stealth design of UAV and in one case even the scattering parameters of Radar Absorbing Materials were computed. ZN has also started working on the design of transonic UAVs with controls.

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