Space systems and hypersonic vehicles have design considerations that are most stringent due to various factors. The high speeds cause the vehicle surface to heat up due to Aerodynamic effects which in turn may cause internal heating and malfunctions in electrical circuitry. Jets used for lifting also cause vibrations on the whole structure, there are problems in acoustics, manufacturing, separation of stages, deployment of satellites etc.

ZN has specialized manpower to work on complex space and hypersonic projects with experience in:

  1. Aerothermodynamics at high speeds
  2. Structural design of space equipment
  3. Acoustic loading on space vehicle
  4. Separation studies from hypersonic vehicles
  5. Feasibility studies for hypersonic transport vehicle and its propulsion system
  6. System dynamics of air-breathing combustion engine

Concept designed and manufactured Space Boom delivered by Zeus Numerix

ZN studied the heating effects on the launch vehicle configuration and generated data for aerodynamic heating at various altitudes and Mach numbers. Simulations were also calibrated on NASA and Indian experimental data and they matched within 5%. A subsequent study reduced the heat flux on launch vehicle surface.