Missiles and rockets face several complexities during design. They may range from reduction of drag, increase in range and accuracy, reduction of visibility on RADAR, nozzle liners, structural integrity, aeroelasticity and a lot many other coupled problems. ZN has widest experience in this area where the work experience includes

  1. Aerodynamics of subsonic, transonic, supersonic, spinning and free rotating tails rockets
  2. Dynamics of rockets using 6DOF
  3. Aerostructural analysis due to flight loads
  4. Image processing for tip-off prediction
  5. Customized CFD software for design
  6. Thermal and ablation analysis of nozzle liner
  7. Propellant burning and safety aspects
  8. Design of solid propellant rockets from first principles
  9. Inbore ballistics
  10. Range extension etc.
Experimental and simulation data for impact point of different missiles

Experimental and simulation data for impact point of different missiles

ZN has contributed to the development of missiles in most areas. It has been one of the only few companies to have witnessed actual missile firings so that trajectory data could be obtained and corrected. ZN developed a trajectory correction model for a spinning rocket and that has been successfully installed on the system. On the software development side, ZN has developed customized software for initial sizing of a solid propellant rocket which estimates the gross performance aerodynamically, structurally and for dynamics. Customized software for CFD of missile refines the design.

ZN offers a variety of services and products for optimising projectiles. Please see our case studies section for rockets and missiles and simulation tools for missile sizing and automatic CFD simulation of missiles.