Performance of any systems depends on the power input or the propulsion system. Design of propulsion system again is a multi-disciplinary science where shapes and materials play a major role. Thrust is typically generated by propellers or high speed (low mass flow rate) / low speed (high mass flow rate) jets. Each type of propulsive system, be it a SCRAMJET/RAMJET engine, solid/liquid propellant engine, Wankel engine or an electromagnetic propulsive device (rail gun), poses its own technological challenges.

ZN has developed generic and specific simulation tools to cater to a range of propulsion problems which include:

  1. Performance characterization of air-breathing engine
  2. Custom CFD software to study various SCRAMJET shapes
  3. Custom CFD software for axial compressor/turbine analysis with automated meshing and post-processing
  4. Stall and surge alleviation in gas turbines
  5. Upgrading of solid rocket propellant performance code
  6. Design/Analysis of thermal liner system
  7. Pulse detonation engine
  8. Wankel Engine
  9. Electromagnetic rail gun
Pressure contours on a Turbine

Pressure contours on a Turbine

For a South Korean customer we developed a system level code for design of air-breathing combustion engine that had CFD results for intake, injection modeling, combustion modeling and ejection of gases. The code used a combination of 3D CFD and 1D models in combination to predict the performance of air-breathing combustion engine.

Zeus has the capability to predict the performance of solid rocket motors given propellant data, prediction of ablation rates on nozzle liners and vanes. In fact, customers have found Zeus offering unique services in challenging areas where others do not dare go.

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