Naval vehicles pose design challenges much different than the air and land based systems. Though weight is an obvious constraint, problems related to hydrodynamics, corrosion, structural load, cavitation, stealth etc make the designs extremely complex. Characteristics of submerged vessels are very different from ships and both have to be researched separately.

ZN range of experience in Naval design spans:

  1. Hydrodynamics of submerged vessels
  2. Corrosion prediction and prevention
  3. Structural analysis due to various loadings
  4. Hydrofoil characterizations for ship control
  5. Pressure transients due to underwater tube launch
  6. Conceptual design of arrester system
  7. Design of marine decks and cranes etc
Streamlines on a submarine

Streamlines on a submarine

ZN has worked with various customers in government and private industry for marine projects. For a customer in Netherlands ZN designed a crane using BV codes and then checked the designs with FEM analysis. The analysis reduced the weight of the system. ZN has developed codes for prediction of marine corrosion and has also developed modules for optimized placement of sacrificial anodes to reduce corrosion. For a naval arrester system ZN was assigned the work on finalizing the concept, performing CFD, thermal analysis and estimating performance. The design was tested in a national facility and the experimental and ZNs system level codes were in good agreement.

For more information on the projects please read the case studies here.