Land systems occupy a unique position in the armed forces as they are cheaper and most of the times very effective in low intensity conflicts. There are variety of problems that are encountered while designing these systems and the most important is the cost effectiveness of the systems. Within those bounds the designers need to solve the problem of weight, strength, noise, recoil, ballistics and design of smart ammunition etc.

ZN has already completed projects for:

  1. Estimation of Noise Design of silencers
  2. Muzzle brake estimation
  3. Design of fire control computer
  4. Automatic loading of gas operated weapon
  5. Projectile penetration
Snapshot of projectile penetrating a projectile

Snapshot of projectile penetrating a projectile

Customer wanted ZN to find out the noise of existing system and then work in silencer geometries to reduce the noise produced that lead to detection by enemy from far distance. ZN was able to reduce 20dB noise by use of a perforated geometry at the end of the muzzle. In other case parametric design software was developed for a gas operated weapon and the impulse data matched within 1% of actual firing. Same customer also demanded a fire control computer that position the gun to impact target based on data like shell type, elevation, wind conditions etc. Indigenous development also caused saving of valuable resources and was appreciated.

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