Design of civil and military aircraft poses severe challenges, former in the realm of safety and economy and latter in performance. Design of systems and sub-systems for them requires experience in multiple disciplines ranging from Aerodynamics, Structures, dynamics and control, electromagnetics, system dynamics etc.

ZN being a company that was founded by Aerospace engineers has strong credentials. ZN has completed projects in various areas like

  1. Aerodynamics and shape optimization for full body or wing alone
  2. Structured grid generation
  3. Structural design of sub-systems
  4. Propeller analysis
  5. Aero-acoustic optimization of wing while landing and take-off
  6. Engine distortion due to external objects
  7. Multibody simulations like store separation
  8. Stealth
  9. Detailing and drawings etc.

Due diligence of ZN’s capabilities in Aerospace has resulted in ZN becoming a CEMILAC certified design company. ZN can now undertake designs or certify designs of OEMs for use on Indian platforms.

Store separating from the wing

ZN has been successful in integration of a heavy missile with a fighter aircraft. The study involved estimation of forces for the whole flight envelope, engine distortion due to presence of store and separation at various speeds, altitudes and manoeuvers. In collaboration with EADS-IW, ZN developed a framework for generating newer shapes of wings that are aerodynamically efficient and less noisy. ZN has a range of domain experts in Aerospace domain and can help in design of mechanical systems.

Please see our case studies for Aircrafts for more information.