Infrastructure projects can be setting up of industrial plants, machinery, construction of dams, mines, tunnels etc. Due to the nature of these projects being capital intensive, simulations if done correctly can cause a lot of savings and increase in safety and performance. Simulation cost is also negligible compared to the project cost.

ZN has contributed to many infrastructure projects like:

  1. Design of large size shaft for torsion
  2. Surge analysis in high pressure pipes
  3. Open canal water flow
  4. Free surface flows
  5. Tunnel and mine ventilation

Shaft distortion predicted using FEM

An industrial plant deployed large shaft with heavy loads. Lateral and torsional distortion of the shaft was estimated and operation in the safe range was specified. The shaft is now in operation. In desalination plant of 100 MLD capacity piping layout and supporting skid are subjected to high water hammer loads. ZN worked on the existing design to predict the safety in extreme conditions for the piping and the supporting skid. The plant is now operational.