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Our customer is the leader in centrifugal fan technology, providing tailor-made solutions across industry verticals. For one of its projects in power generation sector, it needed to design and establish the effectiveness of flue gas ducts leading to Induced Draft (ID) fans. Owing to the large flow rate of flue gas, four ID fans were employed in parallel. It was desired that the flow is uniform in all the duct branches that lead to the fans so that all fans are equally loaded (Refer to the schematic). Flow non-uniformity and high pressure drop in ducts would have affected the power consumption of ID fans.

Zeus Numerix analysed the flow behaviour in the ID Fan ducts using CFD simulation. The simulations were carried out on proprietary structured mesh generator, flow solver and post processing software. The ID fans were treated using a novel interface pressure jump condition.

Study concluded that the difference in flow uniformity was meagre 0.43% among the four fans. The pressure drop in the ID fan ducts was also within the pre-estimated levels. Our customer submitted the analysis report to proceed with the commissioning of fans at the site.