Brief case studies of select projects completed by Zeus Numerix in the ‘Aerospace & Defense’ vertical are listed here. Click on the case study title to read about it.


Development of FVTD Based RCS Prediction code on Unstructured Mesh
CFD Analysis and Software for Gas Operated Automatic Weapon
Assessment of Nose Shape and Taper on Aerodynamic Stability of Missiles
Workshop on Multi-Discilplinary Design Optimization

Aircrafts (Civil and Military)

Aerodynamic Analysis towards Weaponization of Aircraft
Trajectory Prediction of Store Separating from Aircraft
Aerodynamic Analysis for Sensor Installation on Aircraft
Estimation of Inlet Flow Distortion for Supersonic Aircraft
Aero-Structural Optimization of Winglet for Regional Transport Aircraft
Development of Aero-Acoustic Optimization Framework for High Lift Wings

UAV’s and MAV’s

Computation of Scattering Parameters of Radar Absorbent Material
Parallelization of Stealth Software for Full Aircraft RCS Prediction
PO PTD Technique for RCS Prediction
Design and Analysis of Composite Landing Gear for UAV

Space Vehicles

Estimation of Heat Flux for Launch Vehicle
Dynamics Studies of Nose Panel Opening Using CFD
Design and Fabrication of Deployable Boom
Estimation of Unsteady Pressure Field for Space Vehicle
Design and Development of a Controller for Probe Deployment in Space

Rockets and Missiles

Aerodynamic Analysis of a Guided Aerial Store
Estimation of Aerodynamic Coefficients for AntiTank Guided Missile
Aerodynamic Analysis of AirtoAir BVR Missile
Aero Structural Analysis of Extended Range Rocket
Software for Preliminary Design of Solid Propellant Rocket
Using Image Processing Techniques for Estimating Rocket Tip-Off
Development of Tensor Visualization Software
Development of Fire Control Computer for Rocket Launch
Aero-Elasticity Analysis of Spinning Projectile
Guided Missile Configuration Design using CFDExpert-Missile
Prediction of Liner Erosion from Rocket Plume Impingement


Performance Characterization of Air Breathing Engine
Customized CFD Software for Scramjet Engine
Simulation Software for Pulse Detonation Engine
Correction Factors for Solid Propellant Rocket Performance Prediction Code

Guns and Land Systems

Analysis of Noise Suppression in MSMC Gun
Customized Analysis Software for Muzzle Brake of a Gun
Usage of SPH for Projectile Penetration Analysis
Customized Software for Structural Design of Electromagnetic Rail Gun
Design Review of A Mechanical Timer
Life Estimation of Hydro Spring Type Recoil System


Hydro Structural Analysis of Buoy Cover
Design Verification of a Marine Deck Crane
Design Analysis and Drawings for Marine A-Frame
Conceptual Design and Performance Analysis of Naval Arrester System
Design Verification of Naval Subassembly for Shock Load
Prediction of Pressure Transients During the Launch of Plug from Tube